Loops, creative coding.

Frequently asked questions

What software do you use to make your animations?

My animations are made by programming. Most of them have been made with Processing (Java version). I’ve also been using openFrameworks which is similar to Processing but in C++, and rarely Blender with python scripting for few gifs posted on Twitter. I also make stuff with shaders (GLSL) sometimes.

How to learn to do this?

To learn to draw stuff with code, I suggest watching The Coding Train. There are videos that explain programming from zero, but if you are already at least a little experienced in programming but not creative coding you might be interested in the Coding Challenges for example (that’s how I started!).

Other advice I can give is to look at documentation and experiment. The Twitter creative coding community can be great to find some inspiration.

To learn to code gifs and loop techniques you can check out some of the code beesandbombs has shared, and my tutorials.

I also share some of my gif art code on my Github account.

Can I/we use your animations, what’s the pricing?

Contact me : etin.jacob (at)